Candidly features in a nutshell

Your new virtual recruiter

Candidly Features


We redact CVs to take the bias out of hiring and help you build diverse teams

Optimised adverts for better diversity, equity, inclusion, and SEO

Key applicant data captured to ensure you have full visibility on the diversity of applicants through every step of the pipeline

At any time, you can view live diversity and performance reports to optimise your pipeline

Candidly Features


We have automated the hiring process to make it super easy and simple to; trigger candidate communication at each stage of the interview process, to arrange technical tests and set up interviews

Automation of talent pools and inbuilt candidate marketing triggers

We auto connect jobs with employees to utilise their networks and increase the quality of hire

Throughout the platform we provide prompts and downloadable templates, to support you through the hiring process

Candidly Features


Our AI will sift your applicants to provide a list of best matched candidates

Score candidates against the competencies and skills that really matter. Then our intelligent algorithms will show the best fit for the role

Candidly is constantly learning what a great hire looks like to provide intelligence along the way to help you make better hiring decisions

Candidly offers simple, intelligent reporting with real time insights and analytics to optimise your hiring pipeline

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